About US

Our international team combines effective marketing culture with solid

technical background developed in more than thirty years

of on-field experience in our specific markets.

We are a passionate team focused on technical textiles and composites. We support companies in becoming textile industry protagonists.

Company History

The circle of Giottoindustrial networking refers to the creation of a perfectly efficient cooperation among enterprises in the technical textile supply-chain.

From 2002 we work on the creation of effective cooperation circles between suppliers and customers by making available our expertise and competencies to support our customers’ success.

With the creation of our company we have built a platform that connects technology and marketing. Our network-based business structure nowadays represents a point of reference in the international technical textiles supply-chain.


Our mission is to transform innovative ideas and projects into real success stories.


Business Marketing and Technology are closely related. We strongly believe that business strategy and marketing cannot be properly managed without a deep understanding of the technology involved and the comprehensive marketing knowledge. To be successful, companies need to run faster than competitors and to continuously plan the future in terms of innovation and quality improvement. Problem solving, innovation, development and growth can only be achieved through effective relationships with other organizations. We are convinced that no support can be provided to our customers without a proper asset of relationships in the specific network.


We believe in the power of human beings and their unique ability to generate ideas, develop knowledge and foster creativity.
We believe in relationships as an unique way to cross competences and, through synergies, to reach objectives which would be unreachable without joining ideas, knowledge and creativity.

We believe in innovation as a cultural approach to problems, the key factor for reaching success and steady growth for the long term.


We are a professional and passionate team focused on technical textiles and composites with over 30 years of track experience. Operating mainly in Europe and Asia today we bring our competencies, knowledge, and networks towards new projects to support start-ups, small, big companies in becoming textile industry protagonists.

Because of our professional background during the years, we have developed a unique knowledge of management, marketing and technical topics with special regards to technical textiles.

Giottoindustrial networking’s professionals are grown up as managers in world-wide famous marketing oriented multinational companies with top marketing and technical know-how. We have thereafter worked as directors in medium-small companies and know well the world of medium and small organizations, because we have breathed the pragmatic air of operative acting for many years.

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