We weave competencies to build your competitive advantage

Giottoindustrial networking SA is a Swiss centre of competence with a unique position in the technical textile supply- chain. Thanks to our extensive international expertise in the management of industrial networks we provide our customers with tailor-made support.

Our working philosophy

We concentrate on problem solving and solution finding.

We use a peer-to-peer approach to guide clients

We like to involve customers in every phase of the project

We offer a resource-building activity rather than a resource-eating one.

We look at the “now” as part of your long-term results.

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During the years we have selected the most performing products supplied by the most reliable sources worldwide. With these companies we have built up a solid partnership which allows us to propose ourselves as their exclusive marketing and sales partner in our territory. 

Our range of technical textiles covers the most demanding technical applications and the most challenging innovation needs.

Thanks to our unique competence, we support our clients in realising their short- and long-term marketing and R&D projects. 


The market of technical textiles is extremely wide, heterogeneous and fragmented. Its segments and niches are often not even known by the majority of the players.

Furthermore, the application fields are under continuous development, since advanced textiles are more and more substituting materials of different nature (metal, concrete, plastic, wood, etc.).

Our extensive knowledge covers most of the existing and potential final uses, allowing us to propose a specific solution for the need of any end-use application.

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