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"Selling your products without a strong brand, is like walking in the sand without leaving footprints




Small and medium sized enterprises are typically more focused on their daily business operations. While they may compete with large organizations, SMEs often do not have sufficient organizational structure satisfying the development of their core strategic intent and competences to target specific markets.

The focus is more on sales and on how satisfy daily customer needs and market demands, and not on whether their brand strategy or corporate identity is widely understood by their internal and external audiences. This can limit a company in its will to grow further maintaining at the same time its competitiveness.
Giottoindustrial networking offers effective strategic communication services for small and medium-sized enterprises based on its more than ten years experiences and on its strict contact with university researchers from this field.
Under the umbrella of corporate strategic communications we offer:

  • Definition/auditing corporate identity & image
  • Development of your communications plan
  • Conducting communications audits – internal & external
  • Internal communication
  • Crisis communication
  • Branding solutions

The possession of a strong brand, and the capacity to further develop it, can be a fundamental asset of a company’s strategic marketing actions.

Giottoindustrial networking offers a variety of services with the aim to companies redefine its brand strategy.

What we can do for you:

  • Measure brand reputation in the area of reference/industry
  • Market research
  • Understanding target markets (based on the perception of current consumers and distributors)
  • Depict credibility and acceptability of a new brand by potential consumers
  • Evaluate brand equity
  • Design, develop and deploy all possible growth paths considering the size and nature of the original market