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"Sustained growth depends on how broadly you define your business and how carefully you gauge consumer need"

Theodore Levitt



Companies dealing with innovation and diversification in B2B markets often consider marketing activities as “accessorial activities” and therefore not linked to the fundamental line processes such as R&D, production and sales. In the best cases, marketing activities are considered as a group of actions, well separated from the main-stream company processes, that are financed, developed and finalized, only once the core-processes (R&D, production, logistics) have been properly taken care of and managed.

The result of this approach is that marketing does not provide any orientation to R&D process and therefore remains completely out of control and generates significant costs without bringing any significant advantage to the company.

A properly organized marketing process is for every company an extremely powerful instrument towards success. We believe that marketing involves deep structured planning, definition of objectives, resources and organization changes needed to reach them, control of results, corrections. It is an activity that has to do with the whole system of a company and not just a last optional step.
Marketing should take an important part to orientate the strategic decisions of a company and therefore cannot be regarded as a casual, unorganized and unplanned activity.
From our practical experience we know that:

  • marketing is an essential part of the strategic evolution of a company
  • spot activities, such as one shot advertising or promotional campaigns, are often a waste of money without significant impact on your company’s image
  • small and medium enterprises without specific marketing department need to be supported in the development and implementation of their communication strategy

Thanks to our expertise in managing marketing projects for SMEs with concrete results, we have developed a specific know-how from which you can benefit. We offer solutions both for B2B companies.

Our approach helps companies to:

  • Define and hold under control their marketing strategy
  • Plan objectives and their impact on the organization
  • Transform it into concrete actions
  • Check the results and eventually introduce corrections
  • Plan the need for organizational resources and investments
  • Control costs

Defining and implementing marketing strategy and properly drawing and managing a marketing plan is not an easy task if you don’t have specific knowledge, but can become easy and clear for the whole organization if you are supported by a professional with well established specific know-how.