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“What's the use of running if you are not on the right road"

German proverb



Because of our professional background during the years we have developed a unique knowledge of management, marketing and technical topics with special regards to technical textiles.

Giottoindustrial networking’s professionals are grown up as managers in world-wide famous marketing oriented multinational companies with top marketing and technical know-how. We have thereafter worked as directors in medium-small companies and know well the world of medium and small organizations, because we have breathed the pragmatic air of operative acting for many years.

Our working philosophy

  • We concentrate on problem solving and solution finding
  • We enjoy to accompany clients in defining and implementing their innovation and diversification strategies using a peer-to-peer approach
  • Our objective is to completely transfer the results of our work to clients involving them in every phase of the project
  • What we offer is not a resource-eating, but a resource-building activity. This is the result of our method of thinking, planning, organizing and concretely acting
  • We don’t deliver theory but together with you take day-by-day care of the projects in matter
  • Your success is our success
  • You will be part of our network
  • We look at the “now” as part of your long term results